This is the story. 40 years in the making. I’m Sarah, and this is the garden that I built. It started along time ago, before I even knew this little bit of land right here would ever be a place I called home. I’ve been many things in my life, and I’ve been called many things in my life, from eccentric and thoughtful, to persnickety and cold. All the words woven into my fabric to make me stronger, more colorful, softer and different kind of beautiful. Every failure a stepping stone, every set back a dance. So this story, everyone’s story, is a garden. Hard patches, harsh conditions, growing pains, learning curves. Sunshine and rain and careful tending, growth and greatness and harvesting. It’s the tiny seed, to the mighty oak. The fresh flowers by the new mothers bed, the handful of roses in the weeping widows grave. The celebrations and the trials. The mourning and the making. The shifting and changing of every season. A little seed held in the child’s hand with a mother whispering it’s meaning and needs. To grow a garden of whimsy and secrets. To grow a garden of sustainability. To grow a community and connection. To feel the warmth and coolness of earth in your very hands and persevere, try again. It’s hurrying grief and planting joy and hope. It the magic and miracle of the process. The story is the seed, and all of us it’s storyteller. So what story will you grow?   Storyteller Seed Co.
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